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What would you do?

Scenario: Your friend catcalls a woman in the street

You and a group of mates are waiting for a taxi after a night out. A woman walks past on the other side of the street. One of your friends whistles and shouts a sexually explicit comment at her.

What he’s doing is sexual harassment. 

What could you do to stop it?

  • Strike up a new conversation to take your friend’s attention away from the woman.

  • It’s also important to call out abusive behaviour to stop it being normalised or dismissed as ‘harmless fun’. You can express disapproval through facial expressions or by not laughing or joining in. But you could also tell your friend that what he did isn’t OK.

  • If you can, get the rest of your group to back you up. This doesn’t need to feel like ganging up on your friend, but he should understand that what he did wasn’t funny or acceptable.

Remember, there’s no single answer. You should do what you think is best to keep you and the person being abused safe.

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